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A Better Way to Better Health!

Symptom.ly is a clinically validated symptom tracking platform for insurers, doctors, and patients, to reduce the costs of chronic illness.

eAsthma Tracker Beta Test Program

If you would like to participate in our beta test program, and help us create a better world for kids with asthma.

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Improved Outcomes

Timely intervention and symptom management lead to a significant improvement in patient care. We’ll help you get there.

Sophisticated Data

We collect data from patients and several third-party sources. Our cohort analyses have proven to reduce hospital re-admissions and improve patient outcomes.

Better Quality of Life

Freedom from illness and ailment is the ultimate freedom. Our primary focus is on improving the health of the patient.


Reduced Hospitalizations

Symptom tracking and behavior modification lead to significantly less hospital admissions.


Reduced ED Visits

Improved awareness of key triggers keep patients OUT of the emergency department.


Reduced Readmissions

The Symptom.ly platform has proven to reduce readmissions in child asthma patients by 98%!


Massive Savings!

Reduced hospitalizations, ED visits and readmissions equal MASSIVE savings for insurance companies.

#1 in Reduced Readmissions

eAsthma Tracker has been clinically shown to reduced readmissions in child asthma patients by 98%.

Developed at the University of Utah, eAsthma Tracker is changing the lives of child asthma patients everywhere. Keys to our platform include:

  • Mobile & Internet Patient/Physician Portals
  • Focused Care Coordination
  • Active Communication & Notification

  • eAsthma Tracker is the first chronic illness we've nailed, and we're rapidly expanding into other underserved chronic illnesses.

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